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Get other Wind Slayers involved with 8BSH Empty Get other Wind Slayers involved with 8BSH

Post  8bit on Sun Nov 06, 2011 8:11 am

Me and Dirk Diggleton were very proud to announce the new Forum and we want all Wind Slayers to know we're here.

We can do that only with your help. Here's a scenario for you guys:

Your friend: So about the other night, let's never speak of that again

You: Er, uhh, sure, whatever, OH HEY! You should see this website, it looks pretty cool and it's just for Wind Slayer. They have a lot of interesting stuff to do there, and they give away free premium items at their events!

Your friend: Woah, boner-city! What's the link?!

Not really, but you get the point, haha. Seriously though, thanks guys, we wouldn't be here without you all.

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