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NewFeatures [INFO/ GUIDE] Empty NewFeatures [INFO/ GUIDE]

Post  8bit on Mon Jul 02, 2012 11:34 am

Here's a bunch of info regarding some of the new features added to the Forums.

1. Custom name colors
Once you reach 10 posts and would like a name color change; you may message me with a specific color that you would like your name to be. I'll then change it as long as it isn't anything too obnoxious like cyan or satan red

2. Custom tagline image
Once you reach 100 posts and would like a custom tagline image; you may message me with the tagline you wish to have displayed underneath your name in the custom 8BSH Forums style. The colors aren't changeable though and you may request a new one once every month.

3. IGN setting
If you click "Profile" while being logged in, you can set your IGN or alternative alias to help other members to recognise you better. This will be displayed underneath your avatar in your posts.

4. Points system
I made it so that every member now has a score, "Tang". You achieve Tang by posting. This is the guide in order of what gives the least ammount of Tang to the most ammount:View Image

Also, you might have noticed that we added a Wonderking section to the forums for old players of the game.

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