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Auction/ Trading House Rules

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Auction/ Trading House Rules Empty Auction/ Trading House Rules

Post  8bit on Sun Nov 13, 2011 3:28 am

Your topic title must have one of the following in it:

Selling an item for gold

Buying a specific item for gold

Looking for a Mentor, Mentee, Guild, friend, etc.

For trading a item for a specific item

Auctioning a item for a certain amount of time so that people can have a chance to bid on the item as opposed to S> where you would generally sell something for a fixed price whenever the desired price was offered.

Followed by whatever it is that you wish to trade or auction including the stats if it is a weapon, armor, or accessory. Each of these have a specific meaning that should help people understand your post better.


What you may sell:
- Armor
- Weapons
- Accessories
- Misc. items

What you may not sell:
- iCash
- Programs

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