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Post  Valkyrie on Fri Feb 08, 2013 11:24 pm

I first came across Wind Slayer when a friend dragged me to it and at first I didn't like it but it grew on me overtime so since OutSpark gave me my first opportunity to play this I stuck around with OutSpark after they closed Wind Slayer's doors out of appreciation for my time with them. Unfortunately after the closing of Wind Slayer I've seen numerous games open and close from them to the point they were just hosting browser games. We all knew that OutSpark was going down a 1 way spiral but I never thought this would happen. . .

I'm not going to bore you guys with details you can search for those yourselves if you so incline but a sad inevitable truth has come upon us, OutSpark has gone bankrupt and their now closing their doors. *Salutes the Fallen MMO company* Their passing some of their games ( not sure all ) to Gamigo which I've had some exchanges with them in the past, hopefully they can keep the games OutSpark was currently running alive.

This happened to IJJI too they had to merge with AeriaGames, the sad thing is both of these companies were old veterans and now they're, well not really IJJI but OutSpark is gone : (
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Post  thetruth on Mon Feb 11, 2013 9:19 pm

How sad... I always root for the underdogs because they give the innovative games that are doomed to fail a chance. I'm guessing with Outspark I might have spent $200 the year and a half I played Windslayer so I'm glad I could contribute to them because in the cash shop game world the games are only supported by a handful of players. I'm not sure how I came across Windslayer or why I choose that game because the only mmorpg I played previously was EVE ONLINE which is a joke of game. I honestly never even tried MapleStory until after WS shutdown. I had alot of respect for OS customer support because they banned alot of foul mouth troll trappers at my request. They also tipped me off to what gamepad softwares I could use after x-trap banned most of them. I always found them very professional. The sad thing about all of this is now the market for a publisher is alot smaller for the typical indie developer.
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