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The reason why Wind Slayer will always have hackers and bugs/ glitches take a bit of time to fix

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The reason why Wind Slayer will always have hackers and bugs/ glitches take a bit of time to fix

Post  8bit on Sun Nov 13, 2011 7:29 pm

The most important thing to know before making any assumptions like "Ignited Games just doesn't care about Wind Slayer" is that Ignited Games is strictly a publisher and not a developer. That means that they are only allowed to present the game under their name the the exception of not being able to alter the game code without Yahoo Games, NOWCOMM, or Hamelin's acknowledgment and approval because these three companies are the rightful owners and main developers of Wind Slayer. The only files they're legally allowed to edit themselves are the files that need to be translated in order for them to properly publish the game in an English version.


We send hack/ bug/ glitch reports to Ignited Games, while Ignited Games watch the websites that develop the hacks. Then Ignited Games relays a number of things that need to be updated/ blocked/ fixed to the main Developers of Wind Slayer. The problems are then fixed to the best of their abilities and then sent back to Ignited Games to apply to our version.

This whole process doesn't counter the time it takes for the hackers to develop smarter hacks for Wind Slayer. And even if the new updates nullify their programs; they can just make new ones to get around these new securities.

From what I understand - there are quite large groups of hackers specifically targeting Wind Slayer, plus they get payed for developing these hacks. In hindsight I don't see the hackers ever being stopped for longer than a month.

Lastly, I'm almost positive that all of these hacking problems are effecting the development of PvP since hacker prevention is a higher priority than PvP. Although Ignited Games has said that the development of PvP is looking good, the problems with all of these hackers still persist.

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