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What I miss, and what isn't anymore.

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What I miss, and what isn't anymore.

Post  Valkyrie on Thu Aug 25, 2016 10:53 am

I miss when people enjoyed grinding. It was not about leveling, it was something you did while you hung out with friends and chatted. Knocking around some mobs looking forward to that next new unexplored place even though you weren't in any rush, you'd know eventually, you'll be there and with every new place you felt like you had earned your place there.

I miss when quest finders and helpers weren't a thing. I miss needing friends and local players to help gather 100 stumps because it took too long to do it solo and you needed that exp to finally get that new attack.

I miss when min/max gear didn't dictate a players strength or self worth to the community. Battles won was from skill and match ups against opposing classes. It was not because Fojib had 36 more vitality than you and outlasted your lower health.

I miss when people genuinely spent money only purely cosmetics and convenience items. Games nowadays always lock the best if and or rarest gears for premium players only. Not only this, but premium gear that also comes with stat enhances forcing one to purchase them, instead of willingly invest in their game.

I miss when entire towns/cities/villages were flooded with chatty players because facebook, twitter, instagram didn't exist and to connect yourself to the entire world was through a MMO game.

I miss the feeling of actual achievement. I miss feeling rewarded for finding that rare item, I miss finding that epic stat gear. I miss gathering material, and then painstakingly craft for weeks on end just to be able to craft high level gears for the best possible stats, and still watch them explore on a 95% success chance. I miss overnighting in the flea market, selling my wares, and then stalking the market for that Demon sword I need to level my current one up 10 levels for continued use.

I miss when playing MMOs meant something, and not just feel like a waste of time. I miss when people ventured out to new games rather than jumping to the next flavor of the month.
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Re: What I miss, and what isn't anymore.

Post  Ranshin on Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:45 pm

I miss my guild.
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