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Korean Wind Slayer Download Empty Korean Wind Slayer Download

Post  Valkyrie on Thu Apr 12, 2012 9:48 pm

I decided to Win zip Korean Wind Slayer. If anyone wanted to try it but had difficulty downloading or installing it on your PC you can download it here.

mediafire.com ?7kndbb9g1ds33qa

mediafire.com ?tw1o8w0d5qhx5b3

mediafire.com ?pawaif8qtd2d8l9

mediafire.com ?kn899s61v4vfcnc

mediafire.com ?frce3c34f3fawq0

Putting them together is simple.

1. Rename Part 1 to WindSlayerS
2. Drag and drop contents from Parts 2 ~ 5 into the empty HS folder.
3. Move the WindSlayer shortcut from Part 1 and place it on the desktop.
4. Play The Game :^)

I had to separate it into 5 parts because media fire only allows up to 200MB per file ( for free users at least lol )

To create a account ( since you have to login prior to starting the game ) you can find out how here.
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