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Code Of Princess for 3ds

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Code Of Princess for 3ds

Post  thetruth on Sat Jan 04, 2014 3:56 pm

Just found this game even though it was released a year ago.  It's a cool little side scroller beat'em up with a catch, once you beat the enemies in the level you can play as the enemy in pvp.  So the game has 50-100 playable characters.  You can even play as some bosses.  And this is where it get's fun.   You can use the characters you beat in pvp and the awesome thing it has the windslayer style pvp where your level doesn't make a difference.   You also can level up your new chararcters in a bonus mode if that style suits you. It also has custom pvp where your stats matter and your gear matters.  It's pvp is 2-4 players.  The community is small where you might have to wait 10-20 mins. to find a game that is if you find one.  I got into a couple of games today.  The attacks are pretty basic button mashes doesn't seem to be 360 degree hit b then a moves.  Worth checking out if you have a 3ds.  If you don't it was developed by the guys who made Guardian Heroes for the Sega Saturn which you can find on xbla which is what I read.  Here's a trailer....
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