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IG's official WS2 Forum. Empty IG's official WS2 Forum.

Post  Valkyrie on Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:01 pm

Do you think the Moderators will ever do a sweep of it? From the looks of it, its going to be a endless wave of angry threads. I've only seen one thread leaning towards a positive agenda only to have 0 responses to it. What's wrong with these people? All they ever want to do is bash each other and flame over dumb shit.

I know the WonkaKinglers have spite for Wind Slayer but why? I know it's a odd coincidence that WonderKing shut down as Wind Slayer 2 was launched but that's no reason for them to hate us so much. I mean gosh lee even the Wind Slayers are engaging in these fruitless flame wars.

This is only hurting the game, no one is gonna want to play if they see nothing but complaints and fighting on the forums. I know I wouldn't want to if I was looking for a new game. However, I'm a forum junkie so probably most wouldn't bother to peek at the forums before they play a game.
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IG's official WS2 Forum. Empty Re: IG's official WS2 Forum.

Post  8bit on Sun Apr 08, 2012 11:57 pm

This particular hobby of theirs is pretty much dead and there's nothing they can really do about it so they replace the time they used to put into the game into arguing amongst one another about the game. Maybe because it reminds them of the feeling they got from playing it when it was in a better shape. The game is really really competitive and so is their way of arguing. They're the bottom of the barrel and I wouldn't waste my time feeling bad about it or joining in because they will most likely learn to prioritize properly on their own in time just like most people. No amount of reasoning with them is going to connect. That's just what happens when you give prepubescent tweens Internet access.

One of the reasons I started these forums was because of that reason. All posts are sifted. The rational is respected and considered, where the overly dramatic will be blocked.

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